Sunday, May 17, 2015

David Dastmalchian - Actor, Writer

A few days before I met David Dastmalchian, I watched him star in the new CBS television show CSI: CyberHis portrayal of the character Logan was haunting.

Among his many credits are The Dark Knight, Prisoners, Intruders and The Employer.  

Look for David in Under the Pyramid and Marvel's Ant-Man, presently in post-production, and being released in 2015.

David has now written and starred in a newly-released movie, Animals, which The New York Times featured in this article. Co-starring with David is Kim Shaw, who is superb as Bobbie. You may also read Roger Ebert's review here.  

Animals received Special Jury Recognition at the South by Southwest Film Festival.

Although David's personality is warm and demonstrative, and his smile engaging, he told me he prefers to be photographed in a more serious fashion. I photographed him this way, and with his uninhibited smile.

Photograph © 2015 Larry F. Levenson. All rights reserved.

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