Saturday, December 13, 2014

Robert Mankoff: Cartoonist, Author

Bob Mankoff graduated from The High School of Music and Art in New York City, then Syracuse University.  When he told his parents he wanted to be a cartoonist, they were not exactly supportive.

He submitted over 500 of his cartoons to The New Yorker magazine before they published one. He was hoping they would hire him.

In the meantime, Bob founded The Cartoon Bank, a licensing platform for The New Yorker cartoons and art.

Eventually, he was hired as a cartoonist and Cartoon Editor for The New Yorker, the positions he holds today.

To fully appreciate Bob, visit and scroll down to the CBS 60-Minutes interview he did in March of 2014, and the Pete Holmes Show interview. You may also read this article in The Washington Post.

While visiting his website, you may order his newest book, How About Never, Is Never Good For You? - My Life in Cartoons (Henry Holt and Co. publishing). It is a New York Times Best Seller.

Photograph © 2014 Larry F. Levenson. All rights reserved.

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