Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wichita State University Hosts Screening of, "From the Bottom"

The gentleman described in my documentary, Senator U. L. Gooch, built a successful aviation business in Wichita, Ks. "Rip" was also on the city council, a member of the airport authority and for over a decade represented these fine citizens in the Kansas Senate. He's an admired and sought-after fellow there.

Wichita State University graciously hosted a screening of the documentary. Dr. John, and Patsy, his administrative assistant, went all the way with this one. I must also thank Bonita, who was invaluable in making this event come to pass.

The day before the screening, a press conference was scheduled; Rip and I eagerly attended. Early the next morning, The Wichita Eagle newspaper arrived with a lengthy, well-written article about us and the movie.

The day of the program, a two-hour reception was held where I soon discovered the numbers and diversity of people who know Rip, and how much they appreciate him. Donald L. Beggs, President of the University, kindly welcomed everyone. Peter Jasso, who heads the Kansas Film Commission in Topeka, was there supporting us. Soon, it was off to the colossal Lowe Auditorium for the show where we had a great crowd and an equally great question-and-answer period.

Photographs of the event may be viewed on my Flickr page.

newspaper article courtesy of, The Wichita Eagle

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  1. Bravo!
    I am familiar with your work because of the gushing pride of your parents. Arnold keeps me up to date with your accomplishments and I was pleased to view a short piece of your documentary. Well done!
    So much history is walking around us and we aren't even aware of all of these "silent heroes".
    I work at the Manhattan Public Library, in the Assistive Technology Center. It was great working with your parents and I still see them on occasion when they visit the library.

    Wandean Rivers