Saturday, July 18, 2015

Rob Riggle - Actor, Comedian, Retired Lt. Colonel

Rob Riggle possessed his pilot's license in college, and continued flying when he joined the United States Marine Corps Reserve

While sitting on a beach in Corpus Christi, TX, Rob wrote his goals on a piece of paper. One of those goals was to be on Saturday Night Live. It took 10 years, but he made it as a featured SNL cast member from 2004 to 2005.

His movie and television credits are many: The Office, Comedy Central's The Daily Show, New Girl, The Lorax, Modern Family, Dumb and Dumber To, 30 Rock, to list a few.

In 2013, after 23 years, and after serving in Liberia, Kosovo, Albania and Afghanistan, Rob retired from the Marine Corps Reserve as a Lt. Colonel. He is devoting his time to acting.

Photograph © 2015 Larry F. Levenson. All rights reserved.

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